Wednesday, December 24, 2008

made it

i missed my plane and had to stay in frankfurt yesterday, which actually worked out well. the airline paid for a hotel and i got to acclimate to the time change before arriving here. i made it through airport security with no hassles and got on a shuttle to jerusalem. unfortunately the hostel i was going to stay at (and most others) was full but i met a lady there who lives in bethlehem where i was planning on traveling tomorrow. so we travelled together on the bus and she is letting me stay at her apartment tonight. so here i am in bethlehem on christmas eve. they want me to go to manger square at midnight, we'll see if i'm still up. i can't write much now i just wanted everyone to know i arrived safely.

1 comment:

  1. i'm so glad yr there safe and (more or less) smoothly... was getting concerned at not having heard... happy [christmas?] or something? whichever holiday well-wishing seems right, i guess... you remain in my special hippie thoughts and prayers (such as they are), and i'm looking forward to hearing how things go on... love ya.