Monday, December 29, 2008

time has a way...

as mentioned previously most of palestine is on strike in response to the egregious acts that took place in gaza on saturday. many are in mourning. there is an overwhelming sadness knowing that our palestinian brothers and sisters are suffering and not being able to help. israel is mobilizing for a ground offensive. we don't know when it will happen yet but despite international cries to cease, it seems that it will be soon. the death toll keeps rising and if israel invades who knows how many more will die. and while the news adheres to the false truth that it was hamas terrorists who were killed, we know that many others will remain nameless in their deaths. watching the video footage here we see children being carried out lifeless and bloody as well as the intended "terrorists". we need to start thinking and being aware, not swayed by words that have not only lost their meaning but are now used as weapons to denigrate others to defend and further inhuman acts.

due to the events and the sense of loss - i have had to postpone my work here. so i am still in aida camp, in bethlehem. but today i arrived at the center and the training has been scheduled for later today. i am appreciative that they have made the time despite the tragedy and i hope that it brings some relief. a small piece to help cope against such enormous injustice and suffering.

i also confirmed my travel and schedule to follow up with the training done in ramallah in june on tuesday, as well as doing another at the red crescent society on wednesday. i have received much concern for my safety due to the instability of what might occur if israel invades gaza soon. after much thought i have decided to continue on as planned. after talking to the people at TRC i am excited at the prospect of offering what little help i can in times such as these when so many are psychologically and emotionally traumatized. i ask you to keep the events in your awareness and speak out when you have the chance against such injustices that are daily life here.

thank you

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